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Reclaim your power over money

Published 2 months ago • 1 min read

Hello Reader,

There will always be scary financial situations no matter how much money you make. The more money you make the bigger the scale of financial scary moments.

Regardless of where you are financially, being able to handle scary financial challenges is the key to becoming financially successful. Because it means you never let money control your actions. You're always clear-headed, no matter how scary the financial challenge is.

I make way more money now than I used to, and I still get scared sometimes by money matters. I still worry sometimes if I'll have enough for the life I want to provide for my family.

The difference is now, instead of losing sleep, fighting with my husband over it, or impulsively taking up another balance transfer on a credit card, I can let these fearful feelings pass. I can breathe through the tension in my stomach. Then I can figure out the best way to handle it without jeopardizing my financial goals.

If you want to get to this level of confidence and calm about money, then come to my workshop, 'Financial Confidence for Women' tomorrow, 4 April, 8 PM GMT+8.

I'll show you the techniques I use regularly to get through scary financial moments and how you can use them to help you get calmer and smarter with money, so you can keep taking steps to build the life you want.


With the right techniques and tools, you can reclaim your power over money rather than let it control what you do.

See you soon.


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