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[Sunday Digest] The 3 simple steps to success

Published 4 months ago • 2 min read

Hi Reader,

I've been side-hustling since 2018.

For a while, I felt defeated, (falsely) believing I hadn't been able to go full-time into the business because somehow I didn't have what it takes to make it.

Recently, I've realized it isn't so much that I don't have what it takes to be successful, but that to be successful at anything, all you need are the following 3 ingredients:

  • A compelling 'why' - why do you do what you do?
  • A simple plan that works for you - does it take into account what season of life you're in?
  • A foolproof method to stick to the plan - is this something simple, fast, and effective?

I certainly had a compelling 'why' - providing a good life for my kids.

I'm an expert at making plans, having done this for work and at home for all my life. I love my to-do lists and goal-setting.

But up until recently, I didn't have a foolproof method to stick to the plan.

That led me to explore many niches, and different ideal customer avatars, getting distracted with the latest social media platform and never sticking with one thing for long enough for anything to stick.

So although on the surface it looks like I've been side hustling for 5 years, I really was doing lots of different things for a few months or weeks at a time.

While I had some successes along the way, they never were at the level I wanted.

Recently, I tried sticking to just one thing.

And because I finally found the foolproof method that helps me stick to the one thing, it worked.

My audience grew by 14%.

My earnings grew by 1240%.

(We're not even at the end of October yet so it's likely to be a little more.)

I know, nuts right?

Simply by doing one thing, consistently for 3 months.

How did I manage to do this when I had been struggling for 5 years?

I released my self-doubt that said, 'I'm not sure I can do this'.

I stopped people pleasing, turning the 'they don't like me' into 'it's not about me, they have things going on in their lives too'.

I reframed the imposter syndrome that said 'who am I to...' into 'I can help 1 person from where I am now'.

And I really worked on my worthiness, that said, 'I can't ask for/take that, it's too much' and instead saw what I offered as my mission to help fellow working moms make their dreams come true.

The numbers don't lie, and I love how simple and easy this feels now, compared to what it was like before, throwing spaghetti at the wall, hoping something sticks.

I've tried all the things, hired all the business coaches, bought all the programs - yeah, spent 5 figures on this.

I've created e-books, online programs, 1:1 programs, group programs, etc.

All I needed to do was let go of FOMO, and focus on 1 thing. Then keep doing it.

Simple. Elegant. Easy.

I was so excited about the results I got that I wrote about the process here and here this past week.

In essence, achieving success and reaching your goals is simple. You just have to:

  • Find your one thing, your compelling why
  • Create a simple, sustainable, easy plan to keep going with your one-thing
  • Release whatever mindset blocks & emotional drama preventing you from committing to your one thing

This is all it takes to achieve success.

If you don't know what your one thing is, just follow the breadcrumbs as you're led. I've always just gone with whatever sparked my interest. That's the path you must take so you can discover your compelling 'why'.

Then, it's about handling all the negative, inner critical thoughts and feelings that come up as you do this.

This is key and what I share in my free Back to Basics - A Foolproof Plan for Your Success workshop. If you're curious to experience this, register for the next one in November by clicking the button below:

See you then!

Have a good week ahead.


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