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[Sunday Digest] When your teenage kids and their friends start reading your content and following you

Published 6 months ago • 3 min read

Hi Reader,

When this happens, you*t's getting real!

Get Over Your Fear of Visibility to Be a Thought Leader

Putting my stuff out online has always been my way of leaving a legacy behind for my kids to have a peek into my mind when I'm long gone. It's one thing to write for your kids, it's another to have them tell me their friends are also following and reading my content.

This is strangely even more frightening than having haters share unkind comments because, you know, young impressionable minds...the responsibility suddenly got heavier!

Which makes my recent article about getting over your fear of visibility even more relevant. I write about what it really means to be a thought leader and stand out from the crowd. You can read it here:

It Isn't Just About Being 'Vulnerable' *cringe*, But Adding Value to Those You Serve

What makes the idea that my kids and their friends could be reading what I share frightening is because I'm showing a bit of vulnerability here that would make my kids cringe - talking about things like 'failures', embarrassing mistakes when starting and running a side hustle, stupid decisions that at the time seemed brilliant, etc. You can get the gory, cringy details here:

I haven't even really had such frank conversations with my kids about this, being the typical conservative Asian parent - we just don't talk about our feelings and stuff...You sure as hell never let on that your mother actually doesn't know any better and is also just figuring it out as she goes along!

And yet, knowing this makes me feel even more strongly why I really need to continue on this path to learn, and share my lessons. Not because I'm some expert who knows better than anyone else, but simply for more people to know, this is what it's like to work on something you really love and believe it and make it a reality.

Let's Get Back to Basics, Shall We?

So much of what our kids see is fabricated and filtered on social media.

As I get more involved in business groups and speak with successful entrepreneurs, I've realised most of them are regular people, trying to figure things out. Yes, they've figured some stuff out, but they aren't too different from the rest of us. The reason they got so successful is because they stuck to some basic fundamental principles and practices over the long term that most people aren't willing to.


  • Having a simple plan
  • Taking consistent action
  • Being open and humble to keep learning and iterating
  • Having the patience and commitment to stay on the path
  • Using some kind of system to keep motivated and focused

Sounds simple right? But simple is sometimes the hardest to execute over the long haul.

And in this day and age of instant gratification and same day delivery, learning to stick to the plan with dedication and discipline over the long term is all you need to master if you want the success you desire. Let's teach our kids this, shall we?

That's why I'm running a workshop this coming Thursday, 19 October to show you how you can master this simple formula to success:

A simple plan + consistent action + unshakeable self-belief = Inevitable success

This workshop is created especially for you if you:

  • Are a working mother over 40 years old, feeling hesitant if you have what it takes to start a business at this stage in your life. (Blatant hint: Yes you do.)
  • Want the unfiltered real deal to building a successful side hustle to make extra money and create multiple income streams to provide a better life for your children.
  • Feel disillusioned with spending your time doing unfulfilling work with little job security in the corporate world.
  • Are tired, burnt out and have little time flexibility because you're stuck in the office even though you have so much more to offer but no one is listening.
  • Oh and if you happen to be friends of my kids, you're definitely invited too :)

Come to the workshop and let's do this together! Register by clicking this button below:

See you then!

Have a good week ahead.


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